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Carpet Flooring Guide

In the past, a carpet was considered a decorative addition. But thesedays, it’s often part of the building process itself or one of the key finishes, because quality carpet is guaranteed to add value to your home.

How We Operate

Carpet is normally bought in widths of 3.66 metres – referred to as broadloom metres. In this website pricing is shown in square metres to help you compare with other floor coverings, which are also priced in square metres to keep things simple.

As a guide, carpet will normally cost between $50 to $120 per square metre to have fully installled. And like most other durable purchases, the more you pay, the better the quality and the longer the product will last.

We source our products from leading carpet manufacturers locally. We also stock ranges of the latest imported carpet fibres and styles.

Our website will allow you to set an appointment, whereby you can set set your preference of location (at our store or in your home) and receive a complimentary measure and quote. We service all of South-East Queensland regularly, but we also travel interstate for jobs because our pricing is just that good. If you would like a no-obligation, online quote please use our new online quotation tool.

Choosing the Right Carpet Fibre

Specialty Flooring Xtra only stocks high quality carpets that are well matched to structure. For example, some fibers are best with a low-pile or low-loop structure, whilst some require more density or yarn twist.

We also help you decide the best choice of carpet based on:

  • Traffic: Is the carpet for a bedroom, where there is less wear and tear? Or a hallway or stairway, which receives more?
  • Budget: Prices vary quite widely. We will help you to get the best value offering within your budget.
  • Moisture: Carpet near or in a bathroom, kitchen, basement or pool area is more likely to be exposed to dampness. Some fibers tolerate it and dry quickly, others don’t.
  • Lifetime: Do you want the carpet to last for decades? Or are you planning to replace it in 5 or so years?
  • Children and pets: What is the chance of spills or accidents? Will your kids be playing on the floor? These are all important decisions when choosing a fiber.

Carpet Gradings

Carpet Gradings are a useful guide to let you know the quality of carpet you are buying, but you have to be careful in making comparisons. Gradings are usually either Medium Duty, Heavy Duty or Extra Heavy Duty. If you have stairs look for a stairs grading on the carpet.

Carpet Structure

cut pile carpet

Cut pile carpets are made by cutting the tops of the loops so the pile stands upright with an even smooth surface. They give a very soft, luxurious look. It is the most popular style of carpet purchased.

loop pile carpet

A loop pile carpet is made by forming a loop in the thread. This style of carpet is hard wearing, durable and doesn’t tend to show tracking (footprints) as you will often find with other carpet styles. Loop twills are made by blending different colour yarns, making them better for wear with high traffic.

texture carpet

Texture carpets are a type of loop pile carpet. Usually made using a single colour, carpet manufacturers continually work on developments to maintain a contemporary look for this type of carpet. Designs range from high and low thread ups, to level loops.

cut & loop carpet

Cut and loop textures, or level loop and cut pile are carpets which have a combination of cut and loop pile. They often have a very fine and luxurious finish giving a prestigious finish to living areas.

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